Places to Visit


Phaselis Plajı
The beauties of the forest, offering both history and nature are both enough to leave yourself from Phaselis. Every time you threw your stress, you will feel as large pieces from the sea.




Beydağları Milli Parkı
The presence of the beauty of this natural area, as well as the natural beach. Mountains National Park in 1972 and declared as a protected area under protection, especially on Adrasan beach, and Cirali beach stands out with.




Phaselis Antik Kenti
Urban water aqueducts in the North is provided. Built in the Roman style, the aqueduct is still in a very good condition. The oldest of the city if it finds recovered during the underwater survey 6 before Christ. Kronit-century type a fragrance bottle.




Beldibi Mağarası
Situated 100 metres from the sea, has a magnificent view of the cave. His blue sea and the green of nature combines with the clouds in the sky. The cave offers guests the historical ruins at the same time. Split up up and down to the cave; large enough to accommodate both families.



Göynük Kanyonu
Wonderful views, you can do different activities, large and small, listen to the sound of music the sound of the falls in a different they're in a place you want to listen to your soul and would you like to make?